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"Making the perfect pizza is all about the dough”.


Open since 2008, That`s Amore is an Italian Pizzeria where you can have the Real Napolitan Pizza made with Italian and New Zealand products of the best quality.


To have your pizzas authentic, tasty and crispy you need the perfect dough.

When cooked it should be thin (3 mm high) and tasty, but high sided (1 - 2 cm high).

A quick passage in a very hot oven should leave it soft and moist , not overcooked.


There is only one recipe for that authenticity and it is the same one they are still using in Naples, South of Italy, since the Queen Margherita wanted to try something different and Pizzaiolo Pasquale, more then hundred years ago made the first Margherita pizza: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil (the Italian colors).


Since that day the pizza became the most popular Italian takeaway around the world that everybody is trying to copy. But we know how to make the original one, the Neapolitan Pizza!


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"Making the perfect pizza is all about the dough”

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